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January 21, 2023      We remain peacefully in lawful possession of our home, and will continue to defend our rights, the truth and  a just remedy to wrongs suffered, to the fullest extent of the law.

What if you could easily AFFORD to make your mortgage payment but  when a Global Financial Crisis hit the globe,  all you were trying to do was switch from an adjustable interest rate to a stable "fixed rate loan" before your payments might suddently go higher if the rate jumped up, so you applied for a "loan modification " to do that,




YOUR PAYMENTS WERE REFUSED FOR NO LEGITIMATE REASON - REPEATEDLY - by a "mortgage debt collector" who refused to provide the name of the actual OWNER of your loan - REPEATEDLY - and instead RELENTLESSLY THREATENED TO FORECLOSE  - after REPEATEDLY REFUSING YOUR PAYMENTS ???

Would you GO TO COURT SO A JUDGE COULD help you make those payments directly to this undisclosed Owner of your Loan  - since the debt-collector who kept refusing to take your money obviously was incentivized to illegally foreclose on your only home instead of collect loan payments on behalf of the "owner" who they refused to tell you who that was?

WHAT IF you realized that TWO SETS OF LAWS were in conflict  -- one set of procedures that allowed debt collectors to treat you exactly in this manner!    And another set of laws that cried "FOUL?"  

Would you insist IN AND OUT OF COURT that the LAWS be enforced by your Court, rather than the procedures that could "legitimize" these companies evicting you from your home by DELIBERATELY REFUSING YOUR  UNWAVERING OFFERS TO PAY?

What if the courts were in just as much CONFLICT amongst one another  - as these "procedures" were in conflict with other laws?  And the courts did NOT order that you had the right to pay WHOMEVER ACTUALLY OWNED  YOUR LOAN? But instead that FORGED SIGNATURES, FABRICATED DOCUMENTS, FELONY LEVEL FRAUDULENT PUBLIC DOCUMENTS FILED and worse, publicly displayed in your county land records offices, filed by these very companies were,


considered "a civil matter and NOT a criminal matter"

you were told,  

by law enforcement officials

who would conduct no further investigation

in your county and state

fraud investigation departments"  .... !?


Then  these documents you alleged were fraudulent but used to foreclose on your home NONJUDICIALLY -- are given a "pass"  by your JUDICIAL SYSTEM,  

After -- IRONICALLY and to your utter anguish -- a JUDICIAL OFFICER ordered a NONJUDICIAL FORECLOSURE be allowed to move forward under these conditions?    Without a trial of facts and against a slate of other LAWS being ignored in that case, since the California "procedures" were "NONJUDICIAL?"        

"BUT ...  I the homeowner can prove my UNWAVERING OFFER TO PAY THE INJURED PARTY I OWE MONEY TO YOUR HONOR.  I'm here to PAY THE INJURED PARTY I OWE!   The law says if I pay the wrong person or party I don't get credit for those payments -- and that I am to have proof I'm paying who I actually owe my loan to, not an interloper.  Because if the right party shows up one day they are under no obligation to credit me all I paid out to a rogue interloper. Negotiable Instrument Law.  Tender of Debt law.  


Can this court of law help me identify who that is and document my payments going directly to them and not through this third party debt collector who relentlessly attacks me  with threats to take my house? While they refuse to prove in any written form whatsoever, except their own hearsay, that  they're even a true agent of the person I owe?


Never, ever have I ever asked for a free house!    I was forced to file this case, a "Quiet Title Action" SINGLE cause of action --- stating that UNTIL AND UNLESS the actual owner of my debt appears into this case, it seems I'm holding the superior right to title ownership, because all I see here with me are these debt collectors who ADMIT they don't own my loan nor have title to my house; but who are apparently in the house stealing not debt-collecting business. PROVE ME WRONG.  

These "nonjudicial foreclosure" statutes appear unconstitutional on its face, but in the meantime the laws on the books protect my right to PAY THE PERSON I OWE AND KEEP MY HOUSE.   "PAYMENT ANYONE?   Who is here ready to take my money?"     [crickets].

Fraud investigation please. 

Judicial scrutiny needed. 

Review those statutes for adherence to our constitutions...

All three branches of government fail this homeowner.  

And fail ALL us California homeowners!

Your Honor, didn't I just MAKE the matter INTO A JUDICIAL FORECLOSURE CASE .... and shouldn't that "nonjudicial" process over there stop now that we are here before you in a court of law?"           

[deafening silence]

Would you finally perhaps reach the conclusion, after this traumatizing exhausting ordeal, to close a hard money loan in a hurry before the auction took place - absolutely secure the contract in writing with the debt collector's attorney who agreed and accepted IN WRITING “payment in full” would cure the debt because now you agree to pay their lawyers directly, no longer requiring they prove they were collecting for a true "owner" of your loan  - as long as they got PAID IN FULL as the law required?     (And when you called it "ransom" no one refuted you!)

THEN YOU DID JUST THAT AND DELIVERED ON YOUR END - IN WRTING - WHICH WAS PROVEN RECEIVED AND SEEN BY THE LAWYERS who had entered written contract to accept the "payment in full" this time, delivery of  PROOF OF FUNDS, ARGUABLY  DAYS  BEFORE THE NONJUDICIAL FORECLOSURE AUCTION  AND YES IN WRITING  -- AND UNEQUIVOCALLY FIVE HOURS BEFORE THE DECREE OF FORECLOSURE -- DELIVERED AND EVIDENCED:   ABSOLUTE PROOF OF FUNDS IN WRITING  by an  email sent directly by your hard money lender that ALL parties had approved going forward and so-signed.  


Emailed timely - TO THESE Debt Collectors -- FOR AN AMOUNT $100,000 MORE MORE THAN WHAT THEY WROTE YOU OWED AS "FULL PAYOFF" THAT VERY MONTH --- and these lawyers emailed proof of receipt of your loan broker's "written proof of funds" AND of his escrow officers statement she "had escrow open" ready to wire those funds .... .... after they BOUND THEMSELVES IN WRITING TO THE LAW OF REDEMPTION BY FULL PAYOFF ,with you the "borrower" in which California statute also clearly mandated CANCELLATION OF  PENDING FORECLOSURE SALE when you DELIVERED proof of funds in writing.  


This payoff contract made between homeowner and attorney for large law firm SPECIALIZING in California mortgage debt-collection litigation.  California Homeowner's Bill of Rights is clear public law in conversation for two weeks before trustee sale auction ... they're without excuse.

And when all it took was one short phone call to the auctioneer “Cancel Mathews Berkeley, no postponement date, bye.”  


Emailed timely - TO THESE Debt Collectors -- FOR AN AMOUNT $100,000 MORE MORE THAN WHAT WAS OWED AS "FULL PAYOFF" 

The lawyers for debt-collector received and replied email proof of receipt of your loan broker's "written proof of funds" AND of his escrow officers statement she "had escrow open" ready to wire those funds .... after they contracted IN WRITING  with you the "borrower" that they'd cancel any foreclosure auction when you DELIVERED proof of funds in writing.  .... 







Would you attend the auction and PERSONALLY WARN EVERYONE PRESENT  that whoever bid on it would be forcing you to add them to a major lawsuit for illegal foreclosure ... explain your escrow was opened and attorneys for mortgage company refused to provide bank wiring instructions to your loan broker and title escrow officer?


And all 7 or 8 people present clearly heard these details of your announcements, which you calmly but clearly articulated in between the auctioneer calling other properties, FOR 45 MINUTES STRAIGHT " ... No this isn't reinstatement of the loan - this is full payoff -- i have $850,000 sitting in escrow on a payoff of less than $700,000 -- THEY'RE REFUSING MY RIGHT TO REDEEM MY HOME!   If anyone bids on my property you're going to be in a complex lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure ... !"    


the agent who heard all your verbal warnings, in attendance at the auction, agent for a huge fix n flip foreclosure buyer company, talking on his earpiece and hearing you the entire time,  BIDS ON YOUR HOME ANYWAY! 

Would you DEFEND YOURSELF when the eviction lawsuit is filed against you?   If you somehow lost that suit would you appeal?    Would you hire a lawyer  to sue the group of companies involved, to get the sale rescinded and deemed void, restore your name back on title and work out a lawful settlement so you can keep your home that you PAID IN FULL  to keep?

Would you remain peaceably in your home, which happens to be your childhood family home continually since 1965 in your family of now FOUR GENERATIONS since the age of three, while you defended yourself and your family's rights?

Would you make public that to fail to so defend would result in you, approaching 60 years of age without a spouse and no other income at this time besides the house itself (from rental apartments you created behind the house that you manage), stripping you also of over $800,000 of YOUR EQUITY  since their bid was at YOUR price of full payoff  (!?!).... which would leave you not only homeless, but destitute with no retirement income, stripped of the business you built yourself and of that much equity to start over somewhere else, where you could buy a home and land free and clear with that much after you sold your house if you had to payoff your hard money guy?

When your finally hire a lawyer after defending yourself for over two years without one, and he informs you that even he would not be allowed to record a formal notice in your county land records warning the public that your case is up on appeal, would you put a banner on your home to warn the unsuspecting public that your house is NOT FOR SALE?    

Would your banner on your house attempt to inform the world at large that the foreclosure buyer decided to try to sell your house on the open market WITH YOU STILL IN IT?  

Maybe because they realized they were LOSING THE CASE  and couldn't succeed in evicting you FOR OVER TWO YEARS AS YOU DEFENDED YOURSELF IN THEIR COURT WITHOUT A LAWYER.

Hence, to the world at large, you are given this Actual and Constructive Notice, consisting of the banner on the house itself which points to this website you're on now, to warn and protect you and your agents and other related entities-- from the likes of these same foreclosure-fix-n-flip profiteers and sadly government entities, operating at odds with the LAWS OF OUR LAND such as our Constitution,  who would treat a law abiding homeowner who pays her debts, in like manner as revealed in their standard practices upon decent people.                            


Our home is Not For Sale.  


“No society can exist unless the laws are respected to a certain degree. The safest way to make laws respected is to make them respectable.  When law and morality contradict each other, the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law.”                                                                                                                               -- Bastiat

Mighty Grace and the Power of undivided conviction in word and deed has kept us housed right here in our home of four generations:  We continue to uphold and defend the "certain (sure) un-a-lien-able rights" to due process as an individual created by God, under The Supreme Law of the Land, that is Our Constitution.    We are a republic, that is a Nation of Laws.   


Today is January 11, 2023.   Our payments were relentlessly wrongly refused since 2008.  We do not consent to plunder aimed at making us homeless and destitute while bypassing an actual court of law:  Sheriffs evicting HOMEOWNERS in California (who are not tenants nor ever had a rental contract)  were given an unlawful order from a broken judicial process complicit with plunder:   Because the homeowner, who doesn't know this plaintiff nor ever harmed them or beached any agreement with them, is not and never was a "tenant" of that property, but is made subject to a structured Denial of Due Process by an "unlawful detainer" court of the county.

1 (39).jpeg

" ... that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.  ..." 

- Declaration of Independence

Was America founded on Christian  principles?

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Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 11.22.43 PM.jpeg

"What?  You paid off your loan in full and they foreclosed on your home anyway? ... Eviction?!

It can't be..."

Screen Shot 2019-01-13 at 11.22.56 AM.jpg

Christmas Season 2016 ...

Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 6.20.53 PM.jpeg

Feb 2019

September  21, 2022    Three full years ago, in the latter half of September 2019, some people decided that they could quite easily and without much scrutiny on their practices and paper trail,  obtain an eviction order for execution by armed sheriffs from the local landlord-tenant administrative office disguised as a court, into which they would sue and summons this California homeowner, to dispossess her of her dwelling and home of four generations and fifty-five years, wherein she still resides. These same people willfully rejected her payment in full and decided taking her family home was a better idea.


They have not been successful; and we are on appeal.

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Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 12.04.21 AM.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-08-20 at 11.51.44 PM.jpeg
Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 7.55.01 PM.jpeg

February 11, 2022:   Our home was taken  "OFF-MARKET" today after an unauthorized company attempted to list our home for sale, with NO LAWFUL AUTHORITY TO DO SO.    They failed to succeed in Theft-by-Fraud of our family home these past more than three months ... even trying to selloff FAST to any unwary buyer for HALF fair market value!  

ACTUAL NOTICE TO ANY REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE OR LISTING AGENT: Do your due diligence and study the disclosures and notices below, lest you put your professional license at risk for FAILURE TO DISCLOSE TO POTENTIAL BUYER OF CLOUDED TITLE AND ACTIVE LITIGATION.


February 11, 2022:

NOTE:     That was no valid "sale" for $740,000 in 2019!    

That was an unlawful foreclosure auction that the LAW  & FACTS deems VOID.

Screen Shot 2022-08-22 at 12.55.56 AM.jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (7).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (2)_edited.jpg

"That's odd Midge!  Look, they had it at over  $1.5  million a few months ago, and now they're selling for under $800,000?" 

UD Benchguide FC - 1 (48).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (7).jpeg


Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 11.51.05 PM.jpeg





UD Benchguide FC - 1 (12).jpeg

Homeowner "tendered full payoff" by closing her refinance loan and redeemed her home  timely perfectly per WRITTEN CONTRACT WHICH WAS BREACHED.


Sale was illegal and void. Summoned into landlord-tenant eviction court, this homeowner pled Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction.  


But both the plaintiff who "won the bid" as well as the court itself ignored this defense, 

and moved forward to summary judgement, without a trial.   Case is up on appeal.



Coming Soon:  
court filed documents and
Case Updates
2014 - 2022

Not for Sale.jpg

October 31, 2021


December 24, 2021

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BV Legal Notice 09122021.jpg

Homeowner's Lawful Right

of Equitable Redemption:

  What is it?

UD Benchguide FC - 1 (59).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (57).jpeg






Hear Ye, Hear Ye




Paid in Full Cancels Foreclosure


Q. “Was the debt secured by the house actually Paid in Full and thus made VOID by homeowner’s perfect tender of full payoff PRIOR to the auction, and even by binding written contract?”


A.   A Court of Law has yet to decide if the debt even existed at time of sale. No trial of facts and law has been held to date.


That September 25, 2019

auction was VOID IN TOTO

whether the debt remained

owing to an injured party,

or deemed cancelled by tender.


We the People, under witness before God


Provable FACTS: October 18-20, 2021:  Online "Zestimate" $1.6+ Million

OVERNIGHT Zillow estimate DROPPED IN HALF to $840k and now ten days later shows value of  "none," while  fix n' flip and realtor professionals neglect to disclose the true nature of major legal controversy whose suit hasn't fallen on them yet:  to come before a jury of our peers who'll try the facts and a judge who applies the law.  Appeal of eviction court is merely temporary, the same now on appeal and active.  The higher court case is now in play.

"That's odd Midge, look the house valued at over $1.5 Million a few months ago on Zillow... but now lists for under $800k?"


OCTOBER 21, 2021:   SUDDEN DROP in HALF of estimated home value and listing price!  The published record evidence for itself.  Wedgewood LLC and their subsidiaries under the names Wedgewood Homes Realty,  Champery Real Estate and Breckenridge Property Fund, and listing agents at Dolan Realty Company  have listed our home for sale on Multiple Listing Service, unscrupulously and in dishonor.   Is it even lawful  to do so?


during active litigation in Alameda County Superior Court


Thus placing any new buyer at risk of legal suit opposite the homeowner in NOW ESCALATED LITIGATION IN A HIGHER COURT, forced upon us in order to defend our home.   Your title and realtor professionals must disclose all potential clouds on title as well as any pending disputes or litigation.  But often public records lag behind.   DO YOUR DILIGENCE - CAVEAT EMPTOR - BUYER BEWARE



IN A HUGE HURRY?  ... and dump our litigation onto an  unsuspecting new buyer?    


Public Service Announcement:    BUYER BEWARE!



HINT:  goto Zillow dot com and

see below "oops" charts on Realtor dot com.


Search my neighbors (who are the best neighbors ever!):

LOOK UP  2700, 2701,  2702,  2704,  2705,  2707,  2708 Mathews Street Berkeley CA 


 No one should want to litigate against this homeowner

who is simply seeking lawful due process

to keep our home.

Meanwhile, on realtor dot com .....

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UD Benchguide FC - 1.jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (7).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (47).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (48).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (7).jpeg

But six months later without any tornados or floods or earthquakes or damage ... my home value dropped in HALF? And Zillow has "none" for value?   Sure... 

11152021 917AM CORELOGIC DROP.png
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (7).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (4).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (3).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (7).jpeg
black businessman stressed.jpg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (6).jpeg

"Did you know that a "RIGHT" is an "ACTION ?"  


“The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions… (and) when his own preservation comes not in competition, ought he, as much as he can, to preserve the rest of mankind, and may not, unless it be to do justice on an offender, take away, or impair the life, or what tends to the preservation of life, liberty, health, limb, or goods of another.”

                                                                               -- John Locke

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What is the Law known as "RIGHT OF EQUITABLE REDEMPTION"?

1 (36).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (17).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (7).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (56).jpeg

Exactly.  I need to pay the correct person or party to protect myself and family from rogues or interlopers, right?   ..... So who owns my mortgage loan anyway?   


Constitution for the united States of America  1787 Bill of  Rights  1791

Declaration of Independence  1776

UD Benchguide FC - 1 (13).jpeg
1 (34).jpeg
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UD Benchguide FC - 1 (26).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (29).jpeg

Supreme Law of the Land  - Constitution for the united States cited at Article 6  and Clause 2 - includes our Bill of Rights:   which does NOT GRANT us any rights, but rather DEFINES clearly by law that We the Peoples' unalienable rights endowed by our Creator shall not be infringed, usurped, or violated.  Our constitution of which the Bill of Rights form the first ten amendments, guarantee us a redress of grievances and due process.   Thus We the People are entrusted to exercise our RIGHT AND ACTUAL DUTY TO DEFEND OUR RIGHTS BY LAW AGAINST TRESPASS THEREOF.


What happened August 25, 2021 in the "eviction court" this homeowner was summoned into?

Denial of DUE PROCESS.

Therefore the matter is on active appeal.

BUT the improper jurisdiction "eviction court" won't allow a Lis Pendens recorded on title to warn the public of active lawsuit.   Our Lis Pendens is on the house itself -- thus ACTUAL &  CONSTRUCTIVE NOTICE


for the public good.


Father  Avelino "Abba" Ramos, and Mother Kimiyo Yamagishi Ramos, with little sister.  At home in 2703 Mathews Street House.   Both photos  January 1968.

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UD Benchguide FC - 1 (22).jpeg




What is meant by  "Paid In Full Cancels Foreclosure?"

UD Benchguide FC - 1 (23).jpeg
UD Benchguide FC - 1 (22).jpeg

Home is where the children sleep

And grow their bones

Home is where our elders rest, in peace

Unto their final home


The following are shared freely for consideration, but not a blanket endorsement of every word uttered by or promotion for gain of any content creator featured.  May the messages encourage study, edify, dispel confusion or falsity, and richly inspire. 

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Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 11.45.44 AM.jpeg

"Where Did God Come From?"  Compilation video, 15 min.

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