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https://youtu.be/siNa3CZ6om0 Wow at 19:00 on: ".... That means that the vast majority of mortgages originated since 1996 were fraudulently induced."

Catherine Austin Fitts. I have neglected to contact her directly and I must!

[Disclaimer 1: this blogger is not blindly endorsing every utterance and point of view of Mr. Alex Jones and InfoWars - this post focuses on the words of Ms. Austin Fitts; yet the conversation Alex elicits is helpful and pertinent as all get out, in my opinion, ok?]

[Disclaimer 2: just as above, I do not agree with or concur with every utterance and point of view of Mr. Donald Trump - however the man IS our President at this time and as such he has repeatedly indicated (with his big ego nonetheless) that he wants the People, the everyday folks, to love him as their champion. OK, take Trump to the task, I say! And People, I ask us to consider the rotting "swamp" creatures and miasma he has inherited stepping into office so recently. DIVIDE AND CONQUER is the age-old tactic of the global elite; will they sneer at all of us divided Americans as we fall in a bickering pile of failure as a People? Up to me, up to you.]

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Everything here Catherine Austin Fitts says, you can HEAR it and FEEL it as she SPEAKS her analysis. I perceive her authenticity and integrity, stemming from standing on the truth behind the masks and lies systematically fed the general population but on which she has had a decades' long inside view. Her easy to grasp analysis is balanced and well-thought out. I listen to her words, and I am aligned, considering too Alex Jones' deep respect and admiration for her as well. Both of these people are praying daily that President Trump forge good allies while he is up there, while he is outreaching to the People... That's IT!!!! I on my own must reach out to my President. While he IS our President. And invite myself to an audience with him, as one of THE PEOPLE. Certainly.

An objection to their demurrer is that they not only amended their own demurrer pleading just RECENTLY before the hearing in a couple of weeks (OC is always scrambling to get their "story" straight [read "false statements, which are harder to get aligned than the simple TRUTH right?), but the case remaining active is the ONLY reason they have voluntarily cancelled FC Auction: the public nature of litigation shines a continued light on their actions; and dirty deeds love the dark and duping that comes with NON-judicial foreclosure procedures.

Meanwhile the Recorded Notice of Trustee Sale NOTS they're acting off of is VOID: It lists MERS as nominee of a company that went bankrupt and ceased to exist TEN YEARS ago. The active NOTS being VOID should be cancelled by recording parties or an order for its expungement issued, and a corrected and accurate named-and-current beneficiary /owner of the debt should named on a new NOTS; which obviously should be consistent with the prior NOD Notice of Default, the SOT Substitution of Trustee and any Assignment of the Debt recorded should also name the same purported current true owner of the Debt, such that any foreclosure sale would be conducted by the person or institution who is lawfully OWED THE MONEY! [YVANOVA again].

Otherwise I'm back in court POST-foreclosure on the exact fact pattern of Yvanova, which the court is bound to since the Supreme Court of California issued the Yvanova ruling. My property's paper trail is actually worse than Yvanova's because there is no VOID Assignment: there is ZERO Assignment of ANY interest in anything naming a "Wilmington Trust" entity at all filed in my County Clerk Recorder's office! Yet Defendants continually claim in writing that a Wilmington Trust entity OWNS MY LOAN. And since April 2014 these same Defendants have been relentlessly attacking me in the name of Wilmington Trust as owner of the debt they're collecting on. Yes, really.

The Complaint for Quiet Title calls in who ever SHOULD BE SHOWING on that November 9, 2016 Notice of Trustee Sale as "current beneficiary" AKA "owner of the debt."

See YVANOVA v NEW CENTURY MORTGAGE, Cal.StateSup.Ct. 2016 decision that:

"The borrower owes money NOT TO THE WORLD AT LARGE (or to any placeholder name which changes continuously only in electronic databases owned by private corporations claiming "proprietary" rights not to disclose); but rather to a particular person or institution, and only the person or institution entitled to payment may enforce the debt by foreclosing on the security.” (My comments added in Bold)

[Published opinion, commentary and Amicus Brief by CA Attorney General inked on Resources page on this site]

... because that person or institution OWNS the debt evidenced by that NOTE which that Deed of Trust DOT accompanies, which in turn is the same DOT referenced specifically in the NOD and NOTS all of which are filed in the public records of the County where land title transfers are to be lawfully recorded; and that same person or institution when it paid-for-value then became the Holder in Due Course of that Note, i.e. the Owner of the Debt. This same entity is called into the case and should appear in a Quiet Title Action to prove its purchase transaction, thereby proving its standing, and settling the matter with its rights intact and enforceable by law to enforce the debt.

I have begun to make deliberate contact with important American analysts and thinkers who have made our financial and governmental systems their expertise areas, and who also have the ear of the President. Meanwhile I am consistently transparent that I invite a meaningful start at negotiated settlement. May the court graciously preside over our ongoing CMCs and reports of our progress to this end. Let us take the time to email and line up our working protocols for negotiations, in an amicable and sensible way before a next hearing in this case.

OC is correct in advising all parties to agree to cancel any sale voluntarily; so that we can explore amore amicable format for more meaningful and an upgraded less embarrassing banter in the public arena.

May the Court let both parties seek out of court and much upgraded attempts at resolution and potential settlement, keep the case active by granting continuance: Many stakeholders in the outcome of not only this case, but of the points it raises are beginning to come together and establish communications with one another, towards an upgraded set of solution-aimed-proposals to which all parties can and already do agree. The primary one being that we all need to maintain self-respect; which starts with being in integrity with oneself, i.e. honest with oneself in order to retain the cognitive functional capacities required to stay mentally and emotionally balanced; so that reason and new learning can take place; which are requirements and will enhance reaching an accord and agreement.

Cool heads DO require that minds be cohesive with the highest level of logical thinking and critical analysis and clear views of that person engaged in confict-resolution talks and compromise, i.e. Give-and-Take. Meeting in the middle as meeting of the minds ....

Once the mind has admitted the logical breakdowns; we then increase certain ontological capacities and views, such that we learn the components necessary to overcome our fears of one another's perceived differences. And step into the connectivity that we ARE engaged in - technology has made our conversations more public, and our circles of trust more transparent.

CONCLUSION: IT IS the Time for Homo Sapiens Sapiens, of human heart-empathy, of deep integrity and strength of Oneness and Honor -- to communicate more freely, openly, transparently. Honor and honesty intact; in harmony with Universal Natural Law.

May 2017 Discussion: "Embrace the Constitution or Kiss Your Money Goodbye" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzND9GC1Q_4

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