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Author G. Edward Griffin on the history of The Federal Reserve; and the sharing of a new documentary

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

We have the internet and we have independent thinkers and journalists producing researched analyses still making it past the censors of mainstream corporate media. How long will we have access to this education? Freedom and access to diverse and debatable issues is a window that proponents of one global government want shut down with a loud thud.

This blogger is simply another American who was jolted awake during Obama administration when the "change" so many of us were promised and hoped for appeared to move swiftly in the opposite direction of the change Main Street actually needed to thrive! What other forces played out during that presidency behind closed doors and curtains? What is the nature of that beast? For our family it started with the excruciating debilitating stress and bewildered outrage over years without reprieve, being denied loan modification after loan modification despite proof of ability to pay with foreclosure and destitution looming over our family's heads -- and yet standing our ground in defense of our rights has since coalesced into the steepest learning curve I could have imagined. Education continues and I am obligated by my own conscience to share it on this site created two years ago when much was not even yet clear.

"What happened in my country?," many of us cried in anguish between 2008 - 2010 as we were jolted awake together by pain and injury and outrage at breakdowns in law and order and justice and trust eroded in our elected officials... "What are we to do???" More are awake now from the stings of baffling injuries. "Become less baffled then and seek out the causes so we can remedy these unacceptable harms!" is what many of us have chosen as a reasonable response. There IS hope only when we are awake enough to know we have a problem requiring our attention. I hope this blog post and website as a whole is both educational and hope-filled. #AlexJones #HealthRanger #NaturalNews

Online film documentary in three parts, if you are concerned about the direction of our country for your generation and that of children and grandchildren, this really cannot be missed at this time: https://revelationmovies.com

Both the film above and these talks below include a lesson and invitation to grasp fully what is meant by a "Republic" and a "Democracy," and how those differences have huge bearing on practical life today. In a storm we do well to have a compass and those on board who know how to steer clear of dangerous rocks and reef, to read the weather and waves, and to navigate towards safe sailing towards harbor. We may see the light of the lighthouse in the distance, but we must know how to make it through these swells towards shore.

Many of us the world over give great thanks to the decades of research, analyses, writings and presentations by this man featured in two videos below. "Thank you G. Edward Griffin, and Happy Belated Birthday."

"The Creature from Jekyll Island" book lecture by author HERE.

Here 2016 in a talk called 'This Thing Called Power.' (HERE) Freedom Force International.


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