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"The History, Evidence, and Inspiration" of something very special has arrived

To ring in Christmas and the season, this site is sharing a free online docu-series in nine episodes called "Christ Revealed - the History, Evidence and Inspiration." Healthy skeptics and highly analytical thinkers: I hope you take up the challenge and watch it. The series is excellent and free online for a limited time HERE.

Episodes 2 and 3 in the latter half - hits home for many: Interviewed is a former cold case homicide detective and atheist who realized that the entirety of Christianity hinges on the question of a resurrection. So he, predisposed staunchly against considering the "supernatural," embarked on a mission to assess the reliability of the accounts of witnesses who claimed they saw the risen Christ in the context of the day. See https://coldcasechristianity.com

And for investigative journalist types "The Case for Christ" short film HERE.

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