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Bombshell "former big law attorney" whistleblower tells all - LISTEN LIVE on 12/30/2018

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

We are way past Fraudclosure 101 on much of Main Street.

We are an entire decade post-2008 Global Financial Crisis.

It will be whistleblowers speaking out into the media curated by We the People -- to break the truth down in plain speak.

Thank you Foreclosure Hour, Attorney Gary Dubin and former governor John Waihee for many years broadcasting on your radio and online show.

Thank you Mr. Chuck Incognito HERE.

Note: at 36:00 minutes our whistleblower confirms routine servicer fraud and then gives an insider's analysis on exposing and bringing down this unrighteous injurious scheme.

So.... what about the TRILLIONS in bailout money anyway?

You mean promised a decade ago, funded by taxpayers and handed out directly to the "Too Big To Fail" Banks, without any mandatory homeowner-relief required whatsoever?

Why, yes the vast majority of us NEVER got a permanent loan modification or any relief!!

Sure, we have a report card from Main Street to Washington about that.

AND THAT'S WHAT about bailouts. Here, listen up.

Oh... that's right the banks who got bailed out paid themselves bonuses with the money and spent it all NOT on Main Street families, even though We the People got stuck with the tab. Maybe a band-aid or two went to some ineffective non-profit or "contractors" who pushed papers around for profit. The bailouts were designed to further hurt the American public, not help. That became clear rather quickly.

Meanwhile analyst/author Nomi Prins puts the total bailout funds at over $14 TRILLION... as of about 2010; and this Mr. Incognito here discloses roughly $11 TRILLION in floated derivatives on the books of Fannie/Freddie "Government Sponsored Entities GSEs ... due to such practices as selling and reselling the same mortgage-backed security MULTIPLE TIMES ...and other such debauchery -- then purchased by Fannie/Freddie. Who DO NOT disclose anything the law requires. HERE it is again, Chuck Incognito, at about min 36:00.

So.... these players believe stealing our homes and land BY CAREFULLY PLANNED DESIGN should cover the cost for this behavior carried out with zero consent on our parts even though our wet-ink signatures started their ball rolling?? We just don't think so.

How about "NO. WE DO NOT CONSENT."

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