• Renee Ramos Yamagishi

All In For Our Republic

Day One of the next turn on the spiral, a personal revolution.

"All In For Our Republic" declared by a living woman on the land.

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An American woman, of Asian Pacific origin born of immigrant parents. Our father's parents were contract laborers who arrived by ship from the Philippines barely past their teen years to work the sugarcane fields of Hawaii; my father born and raised on the Big Island had just graduated college when Hawaii became the 50th state. Our mother was born and raised in a mountainous village to subsistence farmers of untold generations in Nagano (the "alps" of) Japan; who in 1962 met and married my father in Honolulu before they arrived in San Francisco, finding an apartment in the Haight-Ashbury and knowing only one person, my dad's old college teammate and friend. Ours is a uniquely American story.

I count myself first a living human woman upon whom much Grace has been given. And second a member of a grand experiment on the planet known as the United States of America, borne as a deliberate dissent to empire and tyranny, founded on western humanity's best attempt at the time to raise up a nation who would codify written laws harmonious with that Law authorized by the Divine, and to create a Republic: a nation of laws.

My parents have inspired much for me each in their own ways, and my connection to all four grandparents as limited and fleeting as this has been for me, does yet live on indelibly in my mind, and in our family oral histories and continues to live out in me consciously. Ultimately, I seek to honor my parents and ancestors by honoring the best in humanity and forging allegiance with and for humanity who chooses to honor our first Parentage, our Creator. This kinship with humanity and community was sparked for me by both my parents, and I recognize my mother and father in memorium in my transmission here today.

I am a student of life til the end of this life; and there will always be more I do not yet know. Yet there are some Principles I've come to know so far and hold as true, and for these I am "all in" now, and for the rest of this life I've been graced with.

Spoken word transcript:

"Today is January 7, 2019. My name is Renee Shizue Ramos Yamagishi and I am doing this video to announce that today I have decided to be all in. All in in defense of this Republic. I'm an American woman, I was born and raised in this country; and I have discovered how I have been gravely miseducated by well-meaning people, including even my parents, my teachers and the general society. I have gotten a lot of good and sound information, but there has been a lot of misinformation intertwined.

And only now, having raised two adult children, with a grandchild already here, I have arrived at a point in my life and at a point in this nation historically where there is no more fence-sitting. I'm showing up because I believe and know that this fledgling nation is a grand human experiment on the planet for whether liberty and an evolutionary spirit -- codified in laws and in laws that specifically prevent usurpation or infringement on God-given rights -- on rights that we are endowed with simply by being born human … that we can have a nation that would abide … by these founding principles, such as in this nation.

It is well recognized and I well recognize, that many indigenous peoples have already, for thousands of years prior to the founding of the United States of America, have already arrived out of their many generations of review and reflection and wisdom at some of these very founding principles that we find in our own founding documents. And in fact ,that there was collaboration between the First Nations' people such as the Iroquois and some of the founding fathers and mothers of this country.

But in terms of this short blip in human history of 240-something years, to have the United States of America actually evolve through its people, its melting pot of people, through all of its imperfect history, injurious history and all of its false notions as a nation, to still arrive at this place where so many of us now today have woken up and are waking up and have chosen to take a stand for liberty, for what is correct and true, for saying no to the siege that is upon us in this republic.

There is a renaissance; and this nation is actually tasked, I believe, not only to lead it -- but the seed of that renaissance has been seeded here in this Republic.

So, one of the reasons why I'm doing this today is because today I walked into a Bank of America in order to post a cash deposit to one of my nieces who had a recent birthday who banks at Bank of America. I do not bank there, I no longer do. But she does and I wanted to gift her. Well, Bank of America, along with a lot of other large banks, do not accept cash. And the reason officially is, money laundering. They are going to tell the public that they are against money laundering. Okay.

You know, after ten years now of studying the financial system, the too-big-to-fail bank bailouts that never reached Main Street, the Federal Reserve system and the private cartel .., the international cartels of global banking, I just made a decision today: “Bank of America, you've been the bane of my last ten solid years, in standing up and standing my ground against fraudulent foreclosure of our family home of 50 years that has been entrusted to me. And you and your cronies have not managed to steal it from us. And you won't. But that's only because of the incredible sacrifice that I and my family have made to stand up to you, to teach ourselves and to learn how to wrangle with this beast. Okay? But Bank of America, your hand has been in the unspeakable injury and harm since day one. So you are going to tell me that you are against money laundering. Well, back at you Bank of America."

You know, for the last four years now I have a file on my hard drive, a folder, that I have named Giannini Slapback. And that is after AP Giannini, the original founder of Bank of America when he changed the name Bank of Italy, as an Italian immigrant, to Bank of America. I'm sure there are many more stories about this good man, AP Giannini. But one of my favorites, being that I was born in San Francisco, is that after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, there were many people without homes. There was much devastation.

AP Giannini reportedly set up a table outside, you know on the street,and lent people money on their good name. Right? On their signature and a handshake. Personally. So that they could build a home, so that they could buy another home, so that they could rent, so that they could start over again and not be homeless. The story goes that every single dollar that he lent out was repaid. He loved the founding principles of this Republic and he showed up to -- he showed up! And loved them.

Later, somehow, after his death, somehow or another, there was another bank somewhere on the East Coast called NationsBank who managed to buy the Bank of America name, but they were not at all from the line of AP Giannini. They were NationsBank. They bought the name and chose to use the name Bank of America. I mean right there it's wolf in sheep's clothing. And they've perpetrated the same ever since.

I have much to say and much to write and that's why I've created the website, MathewsStreetAmerica.net. And I will continue to upgrade and revise that, but that is so that I can put in writing and upload the correspondence and the documents and to show in black and white what it looks like, just for one household on Main Street, to say no to fraudulent foreclosure. And what it looks like to seek out the answers: What's behind all this? What is this tidal wave of foreclosure? And how is it connected to … the Federal Reserve? How is it connected to the history of this nation? And who are the entities? Where do they come from who would attack and hate the notions that this Republic was founded on? Why would they attack and hate? Well, these are all very interesting questions and the more that I've asked them, the more the answers have come. And I'm not alone.

The truth -- the truth is like the sunshine. The truth also radiates the light. Darkness cannot cover the truth and the light. But the light always will light up any dark place. We are all shining a light when we choose the light. When we choose the truth. And that is something that happens … It's an inside job, it's an internal job. I don't mean to preach, I am far from perfect, but I know what I love. I love this nation in its founding Spirit. And I love the Spirit that inspired the founding of this nation, which was the Creator, Him or Herself. I call it Mother-Father God because it is beyond gender; it is our Creator and Source.

It is for the sake of Creator, source, truth, goodness that I show up and say, this is day one for me, the revolution has started. And the revolution is a revolution of love. A revolution of truth. As trite as that may sound, love to me, I define as: Oneness. It is oneness. And in oneness … this is just coming to me .. everything is oneness, right? Because the Creator is the source of all created. All that is created. So in creation is darkness AND light.

Well, the light will always dispel the darkness. But the darkness can never snuff out the light. It will try but it cannot. The only way the darkness can appear to snuff out light is when there is something casting a shadow. Well, the shadow is the effect of what we do not yet know. So we are in the unknown. We are bewildered. We see a shadow, we don't know what's casting the shadow. But when we choose to be the light, then we can SEE what's casting the shadow. And when we see what's casting the shadow, we've ... the light has cast upon it.

That is why the enemies of liberty and of truth would hate us, the holders of the light, the people who simply... CHOOSE to be aligned with the light. What they don't understand, and what I'd like to point out, quite logically, is, they don't really hate the human being. They think they do and they want to hurt the human being or thwart the human being. What they really are threatened by is the light. The ... being seen, being exposed. And what they really hate is the Light. Capital L. The divine Light. That had informed us in our own internal quiet contemplation to even begin to seek the truth that brought us the Light of understanding in the first place. So they're warring against the Creator and the Creator's light. And in this way, we who love the truth ... who love God, need not fear. Aho."

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