Why I believe the afterlife is not about unending punishment for anyone

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Since I have presented my views in relation to Natural Law which recognizes a Creator of Nature some call "God," I here felt the need to hopefully retain readers who may immediately read no further by ASSuming that I state my belief in the person of Christ Jesus because I fear eternal fiery hell. And if so I blame you NOT! This burn-in-hell forever concept or interpretation never sat right with me either...and given that the highest authority espousing it was another human being only, certainly we should question. Please then reader of my kin, skeptics, scoffers, agnostics, atheists --- as was I -- do listen on:

Here's a video story : A career cold-case murder detective and staunch atheist decided to read the gospels as eye-witness accounts by people who long ago passed away, written by reporters who also were no longer around to interview directly. Heavily biased against anything “supernatural” he honestly confronted his own bias and admitted he had a built-in problem with the ludicrous idea of a dead person who reportedly resurrected from the grave. His keen analytical curiousity kept him on task and here in this video he shares what led him to an astonishing conclusion, and what he does now, and here.

It turns out in fact that "religion" has its etymology and its aim as destructive of true spiritual freedom! The word "religion" is rooted in the Latin religare, "to bind back, tie out of the way, to moor" like tying up a horse to a post so it won't run off and be free. One could argue human nature should be contained or bound to right-doing ... but woe unto people when church-leadership structures seek to bind or tie up or limit people's natural connection to each one's own inherent divine nature ... thus attempting to drive some weird wedge between the Creator and other people. I was turned off of organized religion just as many other free-thinking seeking spirits are and have been.

I had wandered far from remembering God and Christ for many years ... I had to get very humble largely from this legal fight with all its abusive ways by my enemies, and in great despair before I found that this great Help and Defender never left me; but would also never force my free will -- I am free to choose to know this wondrous Grace. I am free ... as are all of us free will free choice beings. I am in awe at the perfect wisdom and justice of this scheme of things! Yet there is that which neither I nor any human being can fathom about our Creator and his Son: that is the unfathomable mercy, kindness, patience, forgiveness, compassion and love that only comes from divine realms and surpasses human capacity; except that we can and do mature and evolve to resemble that level of selflessness and courageous love and care... only when it sinks in deep and firm enough WHO it is we have who has care and loved us that much the more! It's a mystery and its also knowable by experience --- I am faltering for words here, forgive me.

As for heaven-or-hell-forever, there is and has always been the understanding amongst humanity that our Creator would have no purpose or pleasure in having any of HIs/Her creation suffer eternal torment in an afterlife due to choices made in this one human life -- such a notion is inconsistent with the nature of God as I understand and have come to know Creator to be. Such a notion has the markings of deranged religiosity wholly invented by mankind and not of divine origin (my study and my senses inform this opinion). Now, here's where it makes sense that DURING ONE'S LIFE REVIEW, which happens in the afterlife in the presence of God as trinity (Father, Son and Spirit) and also witnessed by any interested being, there can be a sensation of burning regret, palpably, physically. We are biochemical here in the mortal body; so wouldn't we have some correlation of sensations while we are being shown telepathically, by our Creator and lifetime helpers how as a free will being, we chose to reject eternal life. Well, time seems to run more subjectively ... perhaps during that life review it could possibly feel "like an eternity" of burning regret and woe (biochemical stress hormones or the like) -- of the missed opportunity to choose Truth, Goodness and Beauty in that past life now being reviewed! That personality reviewing ones life, anticipating his or her soon one final annihilation, could be experiencing hellish regret couldn't he or she? Now experiencing telepathic instruction and communication with the Spirit of God and His Son and other heavenly beings in a complete life review process. We each all have this upon passing on, upon entering the "afterlife:" a Life Review.

Wouldn't it make sense that in a universe of Oneness, which we have -- all is One in God the Father, First Source and Center. We are told certain witnesses are also present, others may be studying and learning also no doubt. The personality now is in direct communication and standing in judgement thereof, in keeping with the justice procedures of the universe: the human life has already been LIVED and is over; in the presence of his or her Maker and the awe of cosmic reality -- knowing that there is only a great forgetting by all beings that that personality ever existed -- all this ahead at the close of that life review and sentence. The sentence rendered is "non-existence" that is a forever non-existence. The burning regret already happened .. earlier in the life review process and telepathic communication between the created being and his or her Creator in the presence of the Spirit and son of God, Christ. which finally reaches completion. Extreme traumatizing emotion can make an hour seem like 80 years .... this is my personal parallel of life review and afterlife experience of "wailing and gnashing of teeth." At one point that personality however, is no more. This is detailed much more superbly in the book linked below, which speaks of the Lucifer Rebellion and much more, The Urantia Book.

Jesus himself declared through first-hand witnesses of scripture that the PEOPLE who loved God and one another were defined as God's "church," (and not a building, organization, set of doctrines, written canons to be idolized, or any operating enterprise etc.). I respect and have greatly enjoyed community, singing together, helping one another .. but too often "religare" translates into the difficult binds and bondage-making that pulls away and apart from the essential experience.

Therefore I do not mean to mock or undermine gathering together as churchgoers do --- the distinction here is about being bound or contained by human-derived notions ("religare") versus that living life-line to Source. And this principle of course spans all religions and faith-belief-systems -- its a human condition challenging humanity -- a launching pad .. part of humanity's search and journey surely.

It turns out quite recently I found a set of divinely-inspired transmissions to RESONATE MOST CLOSELY, collected into The Urantia Book -- which I've found so far to be consistent with inspired word in the Bible and with Jesus' life and ministry -- and which describes an "afterlife" of continued life-review and learning based on the human lifetime one lived. (See blog post link to online documentary "Christ Revealed," HERE)

The Urantia Book and its audio reading treats this subject carefully (apparently) and I ask readers' forgiveness that I have not yet read all 1400 + pages in its entirety, but have gleaned this much. A final eternal annihilation is biblical for the fate of the fallen angels and their leader Lucifer and Satan. There is more we don't "know" about the afterlife here in the earthen plane, but we have been given a collection of transmissions collected in this book, which clarify and details the bible while consistent with it. Ultimately spiritual or non-physical truths are gleaned spiritually. The full knowing we need yearn for is in our heart which is holographic and not linear .. yet our mind needs this slowed down and grasps for words. We can open our heart field and tune into vibration-frequency as we quiet the mind .. and ask Divine Source, "What is my question? What is my heart even asking at this time?"

As for the notion of creatures cast into eternal suffering which we reject, many Christian religions nevertheless teach or go along with the illogical idea that an omniscient (all-knowing) Creator would design constant knowing of constant torment without end of some beings of His/Her own creation. This doesn't sound like bliss and heaven and wisdom for the omniscient Creator. We do have revelation and divine transmission of a much more liberating and astounding truth to our existence here and now; and the amazing gift we have awaiting simply our choice. We are told through scripture that the devil, Lucifer/Satan and his demons all believe in God and Jesus, they have no doubt! And shriek in terror and loathing; for they know their sentence has already been rendered and that God is just. After all, these high beings chose willingly to rebel from their own Source and Creator, cast upon this planet earth ravenous to "steal" as many of God's created human beings as possible.

It is certainly more of a mystery and gleaned spiritually, not possible to convey in these words alone ... but even logic should impress on the over-analytical mind, that the Way of biological resurrection had to occur in the flesh of a human being, in the space-time-matter existence of our realm; in order to pierce the curse of death or cure the fatal dis-ease of eternal annihilation or a finality of non-existence.

So He was born every much a human being and of also Divine seed by Spirit --- grew to manhood and yet wrestled Death itself and took the keys of death and "hell," forever on OUR behalf. Mercy and Grace in action - words will always always fall short. Though human hearts can and do grasp the exquisite beauty and goodness of our very Source of Creation itself -- for Jesus Christ IS the embodied expression of the Love of our very Creator. How can we not fall on our knees ... when we let this in ... let it sink in. We should gasp .. we should cry tears of wonder -- How can this be???

Music is such a powerful medium of transmission - it can and does sometimes even induce trance states -- hence we play music and song that reminds our hearts of the ultimate destination and aims of this life; lived amongst so many caught in the rebel's snares! The dark prince controls most of the music industry and movies, Hollywood, mainstream media and sadly too many but certainly not all of the elected and appointed officials of global government who are deceived and thus war against our Constitutional Republic for its role as the bastion of liberty and rights of the individual; even to the detriment of their own children and future progeny -- if they be human! The "deep state" then, refers to the unelected or traitorous enemies of liberty whose mission is to destroy our Constitutional Republic from within. We are living in dire times. But the Light of understanding and the great revelation is also mercifully pouring out with great power and illumination, because of the great divine mercy and care from our Creator, who is the God of Love, our Father. His Eternal Son for our realm, is known as Christ Jesus or Yeshua Hamaschiah. "God is Love - the Son is Mercy."

Excerpt from Introduction to the Urantia Book, commenting on the afterlife of human beings, quoting:

"Eternal Life: God has a far-reaching plan for us which embodies boundless attainment, adventurous service, and personal fulfillment. Nevertheless, it is wholly optional whether or not we accept this plan. The Father has endowed each of us with the free will to accept or reject all or any part of his plan. The heavenly Father has ordained that we be free persons, and he respects the choices we make, even when such choosing is self-destructive. As a place, hell does not exist; after death, those who reject the way of life simply cease to exist. God loves every one of his children, and wants each of us to survive, but nonetheless he endows us with the prerogative to chart our own courses.​"

The entire text has been made into audio book form. The Urantia Book reveals itself as scribed by revelation and inspiration; whose transmission is conveyed from higher realm beings commissioned to disclose in this great detail to humanity, using the English language.

Our hope and our strength is through our belief IN and actions arising from that unwavering belief in the One who conquered death and hell forever leaving behind that empty tomb. The stone that rolled away also opened our way to share in His victory and survive into eternity.

ANALOGY: I'm reminded of the "4 minute mile" sprinting record -- it was broken by the first runner and then after that many other runners ran one mile in less than 4 minutes (sports fans will remember this). It was as if SOMETHING in the resonant field of human potential was pierced and could never be un-pierced, paving the way for runners to reach for and achieve that mark, under 4 minutes, after the first runner conquered it. Jesus pierced and conquered death to give the Way of an eternal life of glorious goodness with Him, to all humanity - if we would but accept it. How can we not marvel in awe at the concept? And that this eternal life is ours freely, it is in fact, UN-earnable. It is pure Grace, and a gift. What great, unspeakable mystery is this? We perceive it through the Heart first, and the mind takes longer to catch up! Music and song helps it sink in...

Two short sequential videos spoken by author Donna D’Ingillo, speaking on spiritual understanding contained in The Urantia Book, is a co-founder of a teaching and healing community (Institute of Christ Consciousness). These two short accessible video installments I’ve chosen to watch and consider, part of her current online series under the heading “The Correcting Time”, which is the time we are in now on the planet. The two video installments are titled: “Separation from Deity Source” followed by “Personal Responsibility in the Correcting Time.” Please check out these two richly-relevant conveyances by a wise and grounded teacher. The short meditations at the end are also helpful and good.

From UrantiaBook.org, the page summarizing Personal Responsibility, from a spiritual perspective.

"I Am Loved"

"Set Me Free"

"One Step Away"

"Just Be Held"

"Forever" (We Sing Hallelujah)

"War Cry"

“LOVE IS WAR” [artists: Hillsong United]

In Your justice and Your mercy Heaven walked the broken road Here to fight this sinner's battle Here to make my fall Your own Turn my eyes to see Your face As all my fears surrender Hold my heart within this grace Where burden turns to wonder And I will fight to follow I will fight for love To throw my life forever Into the triumph of the Son

Let Your love be my companion In the war against my pride Long to break all vain obsession Till You're all that I desire Turn my eyes to see Your face As all my fears surrender Hold my heart within this grace Where burden turns to wonder I will fight to follow I will fight for love To throw my life forever Into the triumph of the Son And I know Your love has won it all You took the fall To embrace my sorrows I know You took the fight You came and died but the grave was borrowed I know You stood again So I can stand with a life to follow In the light of Your name

Urantia Book Complete, Audio with full text

Video introduction to The Urantia Book

PDF file complete The Urantia Book

I wish to thank our beloved friend Pato Banton for introducing many of us to the teachings in The Urantia Book; and particularly divine revelations regarding the afterlife in this musical ministry "A Better Place"


Artists: Pato Banton and The Now Generation

Mortal mind is a temporary intellect system Loaned to human beings for use during a material lifetime And as they use this mind they are either accepting Or rejecting the potential of eternal existence.

When I take a look around Lord knows it's a shame Many people in the world take life for a game Achieving vanity seems to be their main aim So listen while I make things plain... again Nobody is perfect we all have to pray For Jah to give us strength anytime that we stray But woe unto those who don't feel any weight To do the same bad things everyday. Hey! Are you ready? Yow yow yow hear me now! Are you ready? Lord I really gotta know!

Are you ready? People hear me when I say! Ready for your judgement day!

Sometimes me have to sit down and seriously wonder What kind of influence certain people dem under Loot - shoot - persecute the youth - pillage and plunder Forgive dem Jah dem blunder

Me tell them once, twice even thrice and again

But some like to keep their brains in material chains Doing the wrong thing giving the devil the blame But Satan's in a satellite jail... with no bail The court is in session and the heavens are silent The angel Gabriel is preparing his statement If you refuse the Father of all existence The sentence is non existence... woe

Are you ready? Yow yow yow hear me now! Are you ready? Lord I really gotta know!

Are you ready? People hear me when I say! Ready for your judgement day!

There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity You running and you running and you There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity Can't run away There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity Can't run away from yourself There's no pity for iniquity there's no pity

People in the city If you don't believe me check the words of Christ He said: "I am The Way The Truth and The Life" Turn your back on the rock and you must pay the price If you wise you woulda take me advice... twice

Before it's too late do the right thing Free yourself from the bondage of evil and sin Repent of your ways to the King of kings I know Jah will forgive everything

Emancipate - elevate - dedicate - consecrate - regenerate Oh Jah! it would be great if everyone would step trough the gate... Celebrate!

Are you ready? Yow yow yow hear me now! Are you ready? Lord I really gotta know Are you ready? People hear me when I say! Ready for your judgement day!

What you are today is not so important As what you are becoming day by day and in eternity

We appreciate our friends of Love Eternal band for uplifting so many!

"Do You Hear the Call?"

Jahred Namaste (and Inner Light Choir)